Sunday, January 29, 2023

Bear Bulletin 1/30-2/3

Hello Blue Oaks Families! 

Please take a moment to read all the wonderful things that happened last week and make note of what is coming up.

First grade went on their first field trip to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at Roseville Theater Arts Academy.  The kids were so excited to ride the bus for the first time. The play was a fun remake of the book and the kids got to help the actors in a few parts.

We had a successful PTC meeting on Thursday night and we will be getting five new cement tables delivered on Tuesday. If you haven’t purchased your GALA tickets, please do so!! It will be a fun evening that supports Blue Oaks.

Our Bucket Band performed for the students during Friday’s Character trait concert. It is always great to see our students shine! 


January 27, 2023 - School Sing

Character Trait Concert-    TRUSTWORTHINESS Winners

These students will be having Pizza with me this Thursday


Penders - Leia and Hailey 


DiBlasio- Amelia, Kelvin

Matoba -  Airah

Murphy - Raygan and Fahir

Kracke- Julia and Trewitt 
Leeth- Emme and Yael
Gibbs - Stevie S. and Adelina D.

Eldred-  Mehtaab 

Tavernetti - Adrian Hop, Mia Hulsey 
Sasaki - Eli, Nehemiah
DeRosa- Kaleb and Arsalan
Brown- Alexander and Ailyn


Rue- Danis, Charlotte and Patrick

Parr- Sidney A, Luke B, Isla W

Hennessy- Audriana B, Jasmine T., Crew C.


Weiss - Scarlette, Lemar and Maya

Wall - Anna, Parker, Reese 

Homer- Baron, Quinn and Aryanna


Fregeau- Aiden and Nathan 



O’Connor - Zion, Khlie and Matthew

Pierce- Jocelyn, Conner, Devyn

Hernandez - Johari, Deion and Abby

Starstruck has started and our students are getting better with each practice! Our evening performances will be on Monday, February 6th and Thursday, February 9th. There are two show times, one at 5:30 and another at 6:30. All students performing on their respective night are required to stay for both shows. We are requesting a note for any student who will not be able to perform that evening as every absent student leaves a gap in the performance.Ticket sales have begun and below is the performance schedule. Get your tickets before they sell out!


1. “Under The Sea” (The Little Mermaid) - Matoba/Penders—TK/


2. “Old Time Rock And Roll” (Garfield) - Parr—3rd Grade

3. “Funky Town” (Shrek) - Murphy—Kindergarten

4. “Footloose” (Footloose) - Hennessy—3rd Grade

5. “Ghostbusters” (Ghostbusters) - Leeth—1st Grade

6. “Space Jam” (Space Jam) - Weiss—4th Grade

7. “Car Wash” (Shark Tale) - Tavernetti—2nd Grade

8. “Men In Black” (Men In Black) - Hernandez—5th Grade

9. “Life Is A Highway” (Cars) - Sasaki—2nd Grade

10. “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” (Sing 2) - O’Connor—5th



1. “Car Wash” (Shark Tale) - DeRosa—2nd Grade

2. “I Like To Move It” (Madagascar) - DiBlasio—Kindergarten

3. “Footloose” (Footloose) - Rue—3rd Grade

4. “Ghostbusters” (Ghostbusters) - Kracke—1st Grade

5. “Space Jam” (Space Jam) - Wall—4th Grade

6. “Happy” (Despicable Me) - Gibbs—1st Grade

7. “Can’t Stop The Feeling” (Trolls) - Homer—4th Grade

8. “Life Is A Highway” (Cars) - Brown—2nd Grade

9. “Eye Of The Tiger” (Rocky) - Pierce—5th Grade

*If you don’t see your teacher listed, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Event Schedule for February 6th and February 9th

5:00 Students Arrive in their classroom to prepare for first show

5:30 First show begins

6:30 Second show begins

7:45 Parents pick up their children from their classroom after the show is over.

Tickets are now on sale for these performances with a cost of $5 each. Due to space, there is a limit of 4 tickets total per family. Please note that DVDs of the evening performance will be able to be ordered on the night of the performance.


A Ticket Is Required For Each Person Attending (Including School Aged Children)

Infants and toddlers who will sit in laps do not need a ticket

Kindness week was a blast. The students had access to a kindness station at snack recess and had the opportunity to write someone a kind note. Each class also had a jar filled with kindness activities and each day, the teachers would pick out of the jar and the students would have to complete the kindness act. The dress up spirit week was a huge success as well. 

Blue Oaks Gala

Blue Oaks Elementary PTC will be hosting the Blue Oaks Gala on Friday, February 17th, 2023 from 6-10pm at Morgan Creek Golf Club. The theme is Old Hollywood so get ready to dress up and have lots of fun! Enjoy food, drinks, a professional photographer, wine grab, DJ, dancing, silent auction, raffle and so much more! All proceeds raised will go towards funding new projects, equipment, upgrades, and other student enrichment at Blue Oaks Elementary.

Tickets will be sold until 2/1:

Registration Time! 

Registration for our 2023-24 school year will open Monday, January 23, 2023. This registration will be for all new and returning students, including those seeking an inter or intra-district transfer.

Our priority registration window will be available until February 17, 2023 for those seeking an inter or intra-district transfer. Please be on the lookout for an email from the district with a link to online registration by January 20, 2023.


Please note the following schools have been closed to transfers for the 2023-24 school year due to growth, projected growth, and overflow challenges as new homes are occupied.

  • Chilton Middle School

  • Junction Elementary

  • Orchard Ranch Elementary

  • Riego Creek Elementary

  • Fiddyment Farm Elementary 

  • Diamond Creek Elementary

  • Blue Oaks Elementary

No new intradistrict or interdistrict transfers will be accepted in the schools listed above. Siblings of students currently attending in 2022-23 and will continue to attend one of the above schools during the 2023-24 school year may request a transfer during the priority window and will be considered on a space-available basis.

FOR CURRENT 5TH-GRADE STUDENTS ONLY - Placement of 6th-grade students is based on your home address and not the school your student is currently attending. Please use the following link to access My School Location and identify your student's assigned Middle School for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

As a reminder, all students, even those returning to their same school, MUST complete the online registration process. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated and helps RCSD know how to best prepare to meet and accommodate all our students' needs.

  • Blue Oaks PTC is a fundraising and activity oriented non-profit organization. Our mission is to work toward bettering the educational and social experiences of our children, support the school staff, and connect Blue Oaks families through organizing fun events and activities. We are so excited for this school year and would love for you to join us! Click HERE to join.

  • Thank you PTC for the water filling stations!

  • 5 New cement picnic tables will be delivered this Tuesday. They will be replacing current wood ones. 



  • As you know, attending school everyday and on time is critical for student success. Ms. Andi and I work closely to review attendance on a weekly basis. If you receive an attendance letter and have any questions, please reach out to me and I am happy to meet with you to address any questions you may have.  


  • Independent Study: 

  • Parents/guardians looking to take their student(s) out on short-term independent study for personal family business (not quarantined) must complete the online form. Paper forms will no longer be available at the office. As a reminder, students may use short-term independent study when they will be gone for a planned absence of a minimum of three (3) days and a maximum of 14 days. If a student takes multiple independent studies, they are limited to a combined total of 14 days each school year. Parents requesting short-term independent study will still need to make their request with at least 5-days’ notice before taking your student(s) out of school to ensure proper notification to their teacher(s) and providing of schoolwork. Thank you.

  • Short-Term Independent Study Request Form (English) 

  • Short-Term Independent Study Request Form (Spanish)




  • RCSD understands that when you send your child to school, you are entrusting us to keep them safe, and RCSD remains committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. The RCSD Board of Education has recently authorized $2 million to outfit our schools with a six-foot perimeter fence and equip every classroom with classroom-safe locking doors and operable blinds. Be on the lookout throughout the year for these safety updates.

  • Once school is in session, every site will continue to practice regular lock-down and emergency drills throughout the year to ensure students and staff are comfortable knowing what to do in an emergency.

  • In addition to physical safety updates on our school sites, RCSD wants to remind parents/guardians about gun safety measures to take at home. The Roseville Police Department has provided the following gun safety guidance to ensure that guns stay safely out of children's hands.  




  • Don’t forget to have your TB test up-to- date, fingerprints done and fill out the volunteer category II application. 

  • Volunteer Category II

  • Live Scan

  • Volunteer Policy

  • I encourage you to review the presentation so you can be prepared for your big day! The presentation has the schedule and bear necessities. Did you know you will also get your own bear hugs to pass out and smelly stickers?

  • Watch DOGS 22-23 

 Social and Emotional Learning

  • Second Step is our evidence-based social emotional curriculum that all our classes use on a daily basis to help teach empathy and problem-solving skills in a holistic integrated way.  For the next few weeks, all our students will be focusing on Empathy and Kindness. Please check in with your student and be sure to ask them what they are learning and help them role play and practice. The more practice they get, the better they will be. Here is a video that you can watch and review

  • Second Step


Problem Solver Steps


January & February 

Empathy and Kindness

TK and Kindergarten

11. We Can Be Kind

12. Why Kindness?

13. Showing Kindness

14. Kindness at School

15. Demonstrating Kindness

1st grade

11. The Power of Kind Acts

12. Ways to Be Kind

13. Offering Kind Acts

14. Practicing Kind Acts

15. Demonstrating Kind Acts

2nd grade

11. What’s Empathy?

12. Empathy in Action

13. Having Empathy

14. Empathy at School

15. Empathy and Kindness

3rd grade

11. Kindness and Friendship

12. Building a Friendship

13. My Kind of Kindness

14. Asking Questions

15. Do Something Kind

4th grade

11. The Same, But Different

12. Ask, Listen, Learn

13. Seeing It Differently

14. Changing Your Mind

15. A New Point of View

5th grade

11. Empathy in the Community

12. What’s the Problem?

13. A Different Point of View

14. Community Solutions

15. Your Solution


Office Referral Data

  • August - 54 office referrals

  • September- 64 minor office referrals. 40% of those were for defiance, insubordination, and non-compliance in the classroom. 

  • October- 74 office referrals. 33% of those were for defiance, insubordination, and non-compliance in the classroom. 

  • November:  87 office referrals. Classroom is the highest location with defiance, insubordination and non- compliance being the highest for office referrals.

  • December: 61 office referrals.

  • January:

  • February:

  • March:

  • April:

  • May: 


  • Our school day for the 2022-23 school year will begin at 7:45 for all students


  • The dismissal time for TK: 11:07, Kindergarten - 12:47, and 1st- 5th - 2:03


  • Breakfast: 7:25-7:43


  • Early release day will be on Wednesdays 


  • Wednesday Dismissal: TK dismissal will be 11:07, Kindergarten 12:47 and 1st- 5th is 12:50. 


  • Office hours: 7:15-3:15




Attendance Reminders:

  • Attending school and on time is critical for academic success.  Students need to be at school before 7:45 to access the playground through the gates.  At 7:43, the bell rings and at that time, our teachers must lock the gates and go to their lines.  If your student comes after 7:45, they need to come to the office. At 7:50 and after, a tardy slip will be given to your student.  

  • Our school secretary also runs an attendance report that allows me to reach out to our families that may have 3 or more unexcused absences, 10 or more tardies or excessive excused absences. An absence is considered unexcused if your student isn’t sick or attending a doctor/dentist appt.  When this happens, a letter is sent out letting families know that their student is now considered truant.  If more unexcused absences occur, more letters are sent out and a meeting will need to be scheduled. I understand there are many reasons why our students may be absent and I am always happy to work together to come up with a plan that can support attendance.  If you receive a letter and have any questions, please let me know. 



  • Blue Oaks will now be offering breakfast before school from 7:25-7:43. It is open to all students and will be served in the multipurpose room. Our bear necessities: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful will be followed while students are having breakfast. 

  • Students will enter through the front doors and will have choices of two breakfast items.

  • Any student that wants to eat must be in the MPR by 7:35 to allow time to eat breakfast as the bell rings at 7:43. 

Lost and Found

  • Please make sure that all clothing, playground balls, lunch boxes and other items brought to school are clearly marked with your child’s name. We accumulate a vast assortment of misplaced property during the school year.  The Lost and Found is located in and behind the rear, west door to the multi-use room. You are welcome to check it during school hours. All abandoned items in the Lost and Found are donated to charitable organizations at various times during the school year.

 Pick Up/Drop Off

  • Traffic in and around Blue Oaks School presents the number one

           safety hazard to children and adults and we request your cooperation. 

  • Speed Limit- It is very important to drive slow when picking up or dropping off your student.  Many families are driving fast through the crosswalks, causing students and families to be alarmed.  Please be respectful of all our students, community and drive slow! 

  • SUPERVISION- Supervision doesn't start until 7:30. We ask that you do not drop off your student before 7:30. Please plan accordingly so that your child can be at school at 7:30 or after. 

  • The WEST PARKING LOT - in front of the Kindergarten wing -  is designated for drop-off and pick-up of transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grade students by private vehicle, only. Watch for children! Children may not go into parking lots unless they are with an adult. All students entering the west side parking lot must use the crosswalk on Halesworth. DO NOT stop or park your vehicle except in a designated parking spot.  Remain in your car when at the yellow curb and pull all the way up to the end of the yellow curb. 

  • The DROP-OFF/PICK-UP AREA in front of the Multi-Use Room is for school buses and daycare agencies only. Please do not drop off or pick up students on Horncastle Ave. There is no supervision.

  • The EAST PARKING LOT – in front of the Adventure Club and the upper grades playground is designated for drop-off and pick-up of third, fourth and fifth grade students by private vehicle only.  There is no crosswalk in this parking lot.  Children may not cross or enter the parking lot unless accompanied by an adult. DO NOT stop or park your vehicle except in a designated parking spot.  Remain in your car when at the yellow curb.

  • If you wish to park your car, kindly pull into a designated parking space. Thank you for respecting the privacy and property rights of residents on streets adjacent to school. We request that you walk your child/children to school whenever possible to cut down on traffic and pollution, promote healthy life habits and enhance the safety of all.



Additional Resources

RCSD Website

Blue Oaks Website

Blue Oaks 2022-2023 Handbook


CareSOLACE - provides a free expedited coordination service for students' and families' mental health and wellness support.

RCSD Enrichment Resources - a variety of online essential skills resources (math, English, typing, etc.) for your student to practice throughout the year.

RCSD Sora - free access to thousands of online books through the Placer County library. All RCSD students in grades 4-8 have access to is an online tutoring service. Students can get a tutor 24/7 in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Foreign Languages. Tutoring sessions take place in their easy-to-use online classroom, which runs in your web browser. Students can navigate to and log in using their student ID and birthdate (in the form of mm/dd/yyyy). Information 2022-2023


Bear Bulletin 1/30-2/3

Hello Blue Oaks Families!  Please take a moment to read all the wonderful things that happened last week and make note of what is coming up....